Bring some charcoal home, darling, tank says it’s barbecue weather! 

No, I haven’t gone mad! It has just been another eventful day in this little life of mine. 

Another weekday means another ‘hop in the car and hightail it to the office’ day. However, tank being tank – that’s the Land Rover, as I’m sure you know already – noticed the change in the weather and, just like that, decided she’d like to try her hand at being a barbecue instead of a vehicle. 

The engine was chosen as the most obvious place to have a fire, or more accurately smoke and a pissy-arse flicker of a flame, so that’s what she did! Thankfully it was so tiny it wouldn’t have choked or charred a wren, which incidentally may have been the catalyst for said ‘blaze’ – not the wren but its long-abandoned nest – nevertheless the morning drive was ruined, yet again, by her ladyship! 

Because I work from home, as much as is possible at the moment, I had a nice stack of VAT Returns to wade though whilst the tank was checked for any obvious damage or causes…beyond the wren theory. I lost interest very quickly, took Sen for a walk and decided, once back home, it would be a good use of my time to get the next project going…

The Country Girl Bible was, if I’m honest, an escape route from a much disliked work situation. A place for whimsically wafting on about country life and all it’s wholesome, organic, picturesque loveliness. It still is, and always will be but – there’s always a but – I have recently been guilty of polluting the blog with posts of no relation to country life and, for this, I am sorry! I had a post in my head and only once place to ‘showcase’ it…till today! 

Welcoming the new blog for all things non-country life – Blogger and Blagger!!! 

The name came about one evening, months ago, when hubby and I joked about having a joint blog in an attempt to ‘do more things together’. He thoroughly enjoys playfully ripping me for being a blogging-twat so I thought I’d make a joke and suggested he became a blogger too. His reply: “darlin’, you be the blogger and I’ll be the…blagger, blogger and blagger!” Many ideas and laughs followed, it all sounded brilliant so we did …absolutely nothing about it…something must have come on the tv, or maybe dinner was ready, either way this joint venture went quiet until about five minutes after I posted ‘shame on me and my fat ass’.

And so I arrive at today – tank saying no to work, me at home with two computers to flit between – Blogger and Blagger had to be brought to life. And so it is! As of Sunday 19th February 2017 you will be graced with a post, and every Sunday thereafter, on whatever the bloody hell takes our fancy! It could be current-affairs, holidays, politics, tv, potatoes, who knows!!! Whatever the subject matter it will be funny, unedited and unapologetic. 

So cheers to, we hope you enjoy it! We also hope the laughs make a little wee, nearly, come out!  

Till Sunday…



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