Come back, cold-snap! 

Ohhh -10, how I miss you now it’s grey and damp all day! 

I don’t know about you all but, for me, it’s not Christmas unless it’s cold, icicles-hanging-from-the-window-frames cold! I love that freezing ‘burn’ from the first intake of breath walking out of the door at 08:00…ok, 08:30! ‘Senna’ needs a little extra time to rev up in the morning…hut hum. I love trying, desperately, to keep my balance on the pathway from the house to the (safety of) gravel, it still makes me laugh, no one has informed me I’m twenty-eight and should be grumbling about such things. 

The downside, for ‘us so inclined’, is working the horses in such conditions is not easily done! It’s too hard underfoot to do any fittening work and it’s too slippy to get a decent hack done, God bless Grange Farms’ arena! The current weather, sadly, is just as much of an arse-ache, a delightful mixture of mud and what used to be rooted grass is now something my family likes to call ‘green ice’, ’tis bloody lethal! Not Porky-style galloping going, at all! I never monitor the weather forecast more than I do between November and January, grab those windows of workable weather! Once again, God bless Grange Farm! 

Christmas cheer was looking like an unachievable goal so I had to erect the tree earlier than usual! This has somewhat reminded me it is indeed ‘that time of year’! It may be small, it may be simply decorated but it’s up and – thanks also to the horsey-girl’s Christmas party – so is my festive spirit!!! 

Thanks to my beautiful Canadian correspondent, Ele, I have seen some decent snow…festive-ometre climbing! Keep sharing those videos, Ele – I’ll be singing carols before the big day hits! 

I hope you’re all fully booked and looking forward to the big day! For our big day the tentative plans are as follows; Horses!!! A sensible Christmassy breakfast with the Lord of our ‘manor’, bucks-fizz obviously mandatory, a little festive televisual delight whilst breakfast settles, horses!!!, off to the future sister-in-law’s house for Christmas lunch, home for a short recovery then off to my parent’s house to see off the night listening to planet rock (Daddy Dave doesn’t ‘do’ other music) and seeing who out of my hubby and my step-father can consume the most red wine! Perfect! If tentative turns to concrete that is 🙂 

All REAL Christmas to-do’s done, it’s time to talk presents…ohhhhh dear! As always I’m leaving it till the last minute, my family are VERY hard to buy for. We’re the kind of family who get what we need throughout the year, as and when we need it, this makes socks and chocolate an almost traditional gift between ourselves! I did once do stockings for both of my brothers as filling one was so much easier than a bigger gift; Cigarettes, socks, a lighter, chocolate, homemade biscuits (never underestimate a homemade gift) and a ticket to Silverstone for the Le Mans 6hr challenge – done! This year I am trying my hardest to buy local! Local everything…very easy to buy for the girlies in the family, thanks Longbarn(!), not so easy for the boys…all ideas and suggestions welcome!!! 

On the note of buying local, has everyone visited the Winchester Christmas Market yet? 

Option 1 – Yes? Great! Did you shop at craft stall number 34? Yes? BRILLIANT! 

Option 2 – No? You didn’t visit 34? Do yourself a huge favour and go back and do your shopping there! 

Option 3 – No? You haven’t been at all yet? No worries, there’s still time! Take yourself to craft stall number 34…you can thank me later! 

My lovely ‘sister-in-law’, for all intents and purposes, has been and will be showcasing her stunning, local, handmade delights at, you’ve guessed it, stall number 34 up till, and including, the 20th December. She has something for everyone! Feel free to give her website a visit for a pre-perusal

Weather calamities, gift hunting/making and finding a designated driver for the big day aside, I wish you all a very restful and fruitful Merry Christmas! I shan’t wish you a HNY just yet as I’d be robbing myself, and you of course, of another blog write up! 

With much love 



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