This will teach me for taking a blog ‘break’…

How many things can change in a few weeks? Quite a lot it seems! 

The sun may be a little shy now we’ve hit October but I cannot begrudge the crisp Autumn mornings; Autumn and Winter are my favourite months, no question about it. I love my jumpers, being able to wrap up in front of the fire and, although some hate the shorter days, I welcome them. There’s something about the early darkness that makes me relax, once the sun has set the working day is done, I can sit down, read a book and get creative in the kitchen, without feeling like I’m losing precious outdoor time. 

Yes, time to ride is somewhat hindered but if the weather is not so welcoming then I doubt my horses want to be out working in it either. I find it much more rewarding to take advantage of the good days and make them count…if that fails there’s always the indoor arena for hire 😉 Porky will most likely be having the Winter off as she is being very sly with her pregnancy status. The notorious phantom-thrower she is, is keeping us all in the dark! 

Some of you may have seen a few snaps of the recent, unforeseen addition in the shape of a 16hh bay three-year-old thoroughbred gelding by the name of Tonto. Tonto was stabled at Cheriton Cottage over summer as a retrain project after an accident took him out of the line for being a racehorse. Sadly he was not looking like he would make the anticipated height for his new owner so she decided to move him on. He was snapped up in a heartbeat by someone promising to be his forever home…false pretences. My darling friend Sian, an avid window shopper, found him being advertised only six weeks after being sold. Six hours after the red flag from Sian and I had signed a contract as his new legal owner. The rest, as they say, is history. Here he is being lunged by me Monday of this week. Such a stunner! It’s difficult to admit but his future is uncertain, due to the accident causing his hock injury, but he will have every chance and every opportunity I can give him to live the life he deserves. 

Away from the stables I have been used as a livesized dolly by the incredibly talented Lucy Pinder. She has recently started up her business Makeup by Lucy and it’s off to a flying start! You may think this has nothing to do with TCGB but, hold the line, sometimes I do actually go out, sometimes I do like to act like a girl and that little bit of confidence from some war paint helps! For the full session please visit Lucy’s website and blog:

Another new business, I use the term loosely, that has peaked above the parapet is courtesy of my Brother, Daniel Hooper. He is an amazing artist, always has been but has never really used his talent…till now! Please check out his Instagram feed @speed365er for his creations! Definitely one to watch…I wonder if he will lower himself to painting my Landy…

Darling hubby has, once again, talked sense with regards to my solvent future; as fun as blogging and writing is, it’s not paying the bills. So, begrudgingly but with understanding, I have advertised my bookkeeping services for the first time, ever! An unashamed plug coming up…anyone looking for bookkeeping help please check out my WordPress page JHBookkeepingServices for details and get in touch 🙂 

The Landrover has passed her MOT with help from my friend Ross and his friend Glen…God bless you both! I am lost without my tank, long live normality!!! The horse feed and bedding shop is going to be a breeze once again!!! 

Next Tuesday (18th October) is a very exciting one for me. I have been invited to attend ‘Gather for Gill’ at The River Cottage Canteen Winchester for a talk with Gill about his brilliant new book ‘Gather’ and a chance to sample some of the recipes by way of a three-course-meal. The menu looks incredible and, I’m pleased to say, there are tickets available to join in on this experience! 

Please visit: to buy your tickets and I’ll see you there! Along with Lucy. 

Lastly…phew(!)…I have a few things on the horizon that will be of interest, especially with the dreaded ‘C’ word coming up, no not the only word the vandals could spell(!) CHRISTMAS! 

  • Drake & Hutch’s new womens line 
  • My sloe gin recipe – perfect for presents…they’ll be so pissed they’ll forget you didn’t buy something! 
  • A Pinder/Shaw collaboration 
  • Ash & Holly’s festive offerings 
  • Raimes Sparkling Wine 

For now, you lovely lot, it’s ta ta! Take care out there and enjoy yourselves! 



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