Keep kicking off; you’re only increasing my blog hits! 

Stupid is as stupid does…oh how true this is! 

Once again, it’s vandalism news! One of the limited beings has been in touch to puff his feathers up and and have a crack at me…fail! I was beyond side-tearing laughter but, having let the message sink in a bit further, I’m now in a state of genuine ‘what the fuck were you thinking?!’ The police are STILL monitoring my FaceAche, Twitter, WordPress, bla bla bla accounts for just such ‘abuse’ so, sorry chum, but you’ve quite simply just handed yourself in, along with the admission that you know the other person involved. 

Sadly he won’t tell me the name, I quote: “I am happy to give the name of the person who wrote my name, but not to a neurotic, single horse lady with fuck all better to do”, I’m sure the police will happily take down the details…in his interview…where the message will be used as evidence. 

I didn’t think owning one horse was something to attack someone for?! Ohhh hang on…grammar, whoops! Silly sausage! In that case, he’s not done his homework…I’m very much taken. Neurotic…mmmmmmmmm, ohh sorry I was dozing off! OK and fuck all better to do? Well I certainly had better things to do than waste one minute reading the attempted bitch-slap from a pre-pubescent with a penchant for spray painting…better things such as, oh I don’t know…scratching my arse?! Jog on! 

Lots of love to you all! 



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