No good deed…

What the fuck-a-doodle-doo is the world coming to?!

A very strong statement for what has been dubbed “it’s just a bit of paint FFS, stop making a big deal out of it”, I know, but it’s not just a bit of paint, it’s a piss take!!! It’s people’s property, their hard earned property that has been tarnished and disrespected.

To say I was shocked when I saw the state of our sleepy little ‘Cheery-town’ on Saturday morning would be an understatement. Halfords primer used to spray headlights, number plates, road signs, walls and gates; red nail varnish used to draw (poorly executed, inaccurate) cocks on cars; primer, nail varnish and paint to sprawl the C-word in inch-high to foot-high letters on the road, cars, wheelie-bins and walls and…what I can only assume is due to over zealous use of the spray can supplies…mayonnaise, brown sauce and olive oil were used to decorate cars like the work of Jackson Pollock…what?!?

My friends few-week-old car now in need of a replacement headlight.

I didn’t ask for mayo with this car…

Not quite the racing stripe appeal…

Robbie is this way…

Having posted the above pictures, and more, on my FaceAche page for TCGB I have received an overwhelming number of messages from people with scores of information, photos and videos of the culprits. To all of you who have been so helpful – thank you, to the moon and back!!!!

Needless to say, after 29,000+ hits, I have become the vessel for transporting the news back to the police. Unintentionally might I add!!!

Because of the massive interest in the events that took place I have become the punch-bag for those who think this attack is ‘expected’ and by those who seem to be covering for others…without saying too much…I have been sworn at; told to ‘piss off’ on my own bloody Page…again, WTF?!? I have been berated for ‘encouraging a witch-hunt’ and told I have been reported to the police for making accusations! Well, sorry chum, the canaries sang to me all on their own. I haven’t made any accusations whatsoever (I’d like to with the evidence I have) and…to top it off for that certain numpty…the police are monitoring every account I own and visiting my house twice a day as I cannot keep up with the messages and media being sent. You don’t need to report me, I’m their voluntary bitch!

I don’t want my friends’ 10 year old asking “what does c*nt mean?”.

Let the rubbish wash downstream…

Blurred lines…

With all the above said and done I do not regret the little post that would usually get no attention. If it takes a verbal battering from a few too many ‘ass-coverers’, I’ll take it! Thanks to the most recent string of messages I am sure to be put under witness protection…as the title says ‘no good deed…’!

You DO NOT disrespect anyone, their property, their wellbeing or their safety. You especially don’t do it to my family and friends.

I may be one ‘little girl’ but I have one big voice and an attitude never to quit. In 48 hours I have names, photo evidence, video evidence and a string of police officers calling me ‘Detective’, time to apologise and redeem yourselves vandals…Cheery-town will not be beat down!



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  1. Jon rose says:

    I think you are doing a exelent job at your own risk. Sadly it’s the name pamby state we live in kids that get away with murder with no punishment to stop it. The only way is to publicly sham themwhen I was a kid you’d get a slap upside head from the copper before you got home to your dad’s belt buckle. In all keep it up js I’m on your dide

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bless you, Jon! Thank you so much for the kind words and support. I thoroughly appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a lovely week! JSx


  2. Hi Please could you ring me asap, Andrew Napier, reporter in the Winchester office of the Hampshire chronicle and Southern Daily Echo, 01962 860836


    1. Good afternoon, Andrew,
      I have just left a message on your phone.
      Kind regards


      1. Hi jenna – sorry we dont have access to phone messages. Please can you call me on my mobile 07967 339963

        many thanks


      2. Thank you for your time, Andrew.
        If you don’t mind emitting my address from the quotation it would be much appreciated. The ‘threats’ are getting worse sadly. JSx


      3. Hi jenna – dont worry, I am not putting your address in the paper.


      4. Bless you!!! โ˜บ๏ธ JSx


      5. Good evening, Andrew,

        I hope you’re well.

        Please may I ask you to look at the recent share on my Facebook page about a dumped coloured pony named ‘Basil’ post shared from my friend Andrea Povey. Seriously upsetting case which needs as much press attention as possible. Sadly he died, the police have deemed it ‘not a crime’, Andreas post explains all.

        Kind regards



  3. Andrew Quested says:

    A similar event personally happened to me, unfortunately our children live in the socia / anti social dimension where they might tell there immediate friends that they are having a gathering (party is old hat) and then those friends mention to others and that’s where the trouble starts. People arrive in their droves and are turned away. Unfortunately they then in their frustration misbehave and in this case it was appalling ignorant behaviour . I know that some of the culprits that caused the damage are pupils at a school in Arlesford where the headmaster has been notified. If your children use the Internet or social media beware that they may inadvertently have other followers who do not have the same values or respect.


  4. Ed H says:

    Well done for following it through. I have to say, if this happened to me, no cover of apology would class as redemption. To Borstal with the little miscreants!

    I know how much your friend was enjoying his new car as well! I’d be seething!

    Good work again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment, Ed! I truly appreciate the support ๐Ÿ™‚ have a lovely week! JSx


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