Mother, dear, did you just call me a ******* turn-coat?! 

The storm has begun! 

Well it’s been a strange day to say the least, from the ‘man in Tesco, Alresford’ being very vocal and wildly uncensored toward a wide-eye’d shelf-stacker to the sound of cheering and fireworks being carried on the wind. As I lay here in bed, having had quite enough of the hideous displays of human behaviour on the Internet, I can’t help but wonder how seemingly easy it is for people to turn on each other. If how you vote is the definition of you, no other factors included then, theoretically, hubby and I should be filing for divorce. 

I, no word of a lie, had a friend message me privately (after reading my earlier blog) to say not one, or two, or even three, but four of his friends have disowned him, outright, for his voting choice…get a fucking grip! I would be mortified and hugely embarrassed if any of my friends discarded me for my way of voting. 

What’s done is done.

Stay true to yourself, even if you’re outnumbered but don’t be a whinny twat about it – chuck it in the fuck-it bucket and make the most of the hand you have been dealt. Having a shit-fit and stamping your feet doesn’t work, be gracious, as I am doing so eloquently here, and make the most of the situation. 

Sadly, we can’t all agree but we all have the ability to be respectful. 



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