Good morning you lovely lot! 

I hope you’re all managing to soak up some of this sun, especially after yesterday’s downpour! 

It’s been an up and down week for me, Monday and Tuesday were fabulous – I almost felt human again 🙂 Wednesday was a bad one; the sofa got a lot of attention! Today however feels like I’m on the way back up again so fingers crossed! The ‘ups’ have all been thanks to my family and friends. Beautiful rides out on Porky, wonderful lunches in the sun with mum, visiting friends and long catch ups. Then to top it all off hubby has treated me to a new riding wardrobe! 

I hope you’ve all had a chance to look at the recently added shopping tab on the website…the Forever Living products are truly brilliant. It’s still a work in progress so please bear with us and do send in any requests! 

As for other products, Graham is being sent some lovely new garments by Drake and Hutch to try out…looking forward to reviewing them 😉 and I am due to review some skincare and makeup products by Younique, courtesy of the lovely Rachel Elizabeth Fowler. She is very aware of my aversion to makeup but, after a few months, she has cleverly roped me in for a very blunt and honest review. She’s one of the few who find my lack of a ‘filter’ hysterical and charming. If anyone is going to truly and thoroughly test the efficacy and durability of a company’s skincare and makeup line, it’s me! 

He gets pants, I get pretty…fabulous! 

On a ‘bucket list’ note, Porky and I have found another route to Olympia International so as of 12th June we (fingers crossed) will be back in the running to reach our goal. 

In the spirit of being ‘on the up’ I am off out for a hack with my darling friend Tash over lunchtime, she’s a speed freak like me so it will be a huge serotonin release. After all that anticipated fun I will be getting my head down in my writing course – the first assignment is complete so it’s time to crack on with the rest! A quick, light lunch then it’s back to the yard ‘ICU’ to muck out, feed and treat the recovering horses. Home, shower, tart myself up all ready for a date night out with hubby at Pulpo Negro! Yum! 

Here’s to an ‘up-day’! 

Lots of love 



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