Tick, tock, tick, tock

Wowsers this illness has well and truly got me! Seeing the GP tonight to have a going over…I feel like my brain is trying to escape via my temples!  

Looking down the blog-line I’ve noticed I’ve been a bit food-happy recently so it’s time for a different noise!

How bloody gorgeous are these late afternoons/prevenings! I can muck out without the site light…so easily pleased 🙂 I’ve caught myself, a few times, lost in the view from Ellie’s stable; watching the egrets perching on the fence, the ducks floating casually in the river, the brown trout jumping for midges and the baby bunnies exploring their exciting new world outside the warren. Heaven!

In the spirit of feeling particularly Spring-like I have been very bold and I am very excited, yet hugely nervous, to announce that I will be showing Porky at Royal Windsor Horse Show on 11th May. This will be our first ever show outside of Hampshire, and my comfort zone! I figured, if I don’t do it now then I never will. We’ve managed to get some ridden work in to get us both fitter and more toned in all the right places. Sadly I’ve been out of the saddle for ten days so Porky has been exercising herself in the field…supervised of course! Racy old tart! All being well, I hope to get back on this weekend so I can get her looking and going the best she possibly can before we go and play with the pro’s! God help us!!!  

I’ve had rather a lot of interest in my training diary so I shall take a picture and add it to the gallery this weekend 🙂

I will also be adding the first ever product to the shop as of Friday 1st April…this is all very new so we shall see how it goes, the more interest we get the bigger we will make it!

For now, take care out there!



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