Something quick and tasty…Tomato and red pepper soup

  Now I am a veg-nut…thank you Brimfields…my fridge is packed and my worktop is loaded to the beams! 

Obviously I can’t allow such beautiful produce to be turned into dull, everyday meals…but I did need something quick…when I’m hungry it has to be fast and easy!!! 

Here is the sum of my impatience and Brimfields beautiful veg…

1tbsp Olive oil

2 x Spring onions 

1 x Red pepper

400g tomato passata 

Salt and pepper 

Heat up the olive oil (medium heat) in a decent sized pan. Chop up the two spring onions and the red pepper. Chuck them both in the oil to soften for 5 – 10 minutes. Add in the 400g of tomato passata…fill the jar/tin/cartoon with some water, swish it around and add to the pan…don’t want to waste any! Let it bubble gently for 10 minutes then blitz it!!! Season to taste then…

Serve up with a monster chunk of heavily buttered, fresh granary bread (also from Brimfields, of course!) or, in this instance, with Cradocs crackers…the bread followed ☺️…and enjoy 🙂 


P.S. This is gorgeous cold too – something I never thought I’d say, let alone enjoy!!! 


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